How do I get Support?

When you buy a plugin, a big part of what you’re paying for is stellar support!

The best way to get support is either to reply to your order confirmation email – this saves time in locating your order.

Otherwise, you can use the contact form as long as you use the same email address used when you placed the order.

Also, it’s usually helpful to include a WooCommerce Status Report (Found under WooCommerce>System Status).

Additionally, if there seems to be a conflict with another plugin, we usually need to get a copy of that plugin to identify the source of the problem.

In most cases, we can either update our plugin to play nice with the other plugin.

PreSales Support

Feel free to ask anything. You can use the chat on the right or the contact tab on the bottom. I normally respond to emails fairly quickly, so don’t hesitate to send an email!