iTunes Integration with .NET


Inspiration A few months back, I took a few lessons at a Ballroom dance studio in Knoxville. During their parties, the owner played the music to dance to on his laptop (which was connected to the sound system). He had just come up with an interesting system to let the students/guests what dance style was playing at the time. He had printed and laminated cards with each dance style, and taped them on one of columns. They were sorted top to bottom in the same order that his playlist was in. Each time Read more [...]

Multi-monitor slideshow


  This was originally designed to display photos taken by a roaming photographer at a local attraction. The photos are relayed wirelessly to a networked computer. The images are displayed in the order in which they are taken, and are filtered so that only images taken at least 15 minutes ago and no more than 45 minutes ago (these are configurable variables) based on the average amount of time it takes for people to walk from where the photo was taken and where they’re displayed/sold. Kodak, Read more [...]

Active Directory Search Tool

Active Directory Search Tool

This is one of my projects that went more smoothly. It was originally based on a demo found on CodeProject, and I later rewrote it in C#.NET and added more features. This is the latest incarnation of it. You can search for computers or contacts (or both) by name and/or location (if you have the proper naming convention for object descriptions). The second textbox displays the LDAP query, which is generated dynamically as the you type the search string in the first box. Below, there are a few Read more [...]