New Dropbox API

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Bryan Headrick is an accomplished Wordpress and WooCommerce plugin developer and is skilled in responsive design, jQuery, SEO, and Conversion Optimization.

In September, I posted about Pressbox, an awesome WordPress plugin that intuitively lets you link to documents and images in your Dropbox account. If you’ve downloaded this plugin or pretty much any other similar plugin in the past week or so, you may have noticed it doesn’t work. It’s not the plugin’s fault, though. Dropbox released a new API on October 21st. According to this post, the previous version “still works exactly as it did before”. This is true if you have an application that had already been authorized with a token – all WordPress Dropbox plugins require you to create your own “app” under your Dropbox account.

The new API adds some pretty significant new functionality, though. It’s more secure, and it allows you to have an app-specific folder instead of just giving it full access to your whole Dropbox, though you can still do that too. You can stream media straight from your dropbox account, which is pretty huge in and of itself. You can search for files in your dropbox account, create shareable links to files, and you can manage file revision history, which makes using Dropbox for collaboration a lot more effective.