Android Invoice App

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Bryan Headrick is an accomplished Wordpress and WooCommerce plugin developer and is skilled in responsive design, jQuery, SEO, and Conversion Optimization.

This is currently a work in progress. The end result will be an Android application (and eventually Blackberry and iPhone) which allows you to create an invoice for on-site service, including a travel charge, labor charge, and materials. Other features include:

  • Travel Timer
  • Labor Timer
  • Client list stored in local database
  • Issued invoice to be emailed to the client with a link for them to pay via Paypal or Google Checkout
  • Reporting to summarize revenue from open and paid invoices
  • If you want to bill for travel by mileage, you can set an origin address and the application calculate the approximate drive distance using Google maps.

Below are a few screenshots.

If there are any smart-phone toting contractors out there that could provide some feedback on what you’d want from an application like this, I’ll give you a free copy of the application once it makes it to production.

Update – 2/7/2012

I had put this project on the back burner for a while, since I’ve been focusing more on web development lately. One of the major sources of scope creep is when I began to think about what happens on the back end with reporting, payment tracking, etc… Then I came upon FreshBooks. FreshBooks is a pretty extensive invoicing service which even includes some project management capability. There’s a client list, which includes all the contact info you’d expect. Each client can have multiple projects, and each project has tasks. You can apply the same set of tasks to all projects on creation. There is also the option to submit estimates for each task prior to actually logging time to it.

If I ever find time to pick this project back up, I’m definitely going to integrate it with Freshbooks. There is currently a FreshBooks Android app out there, but it’s $4.99, which is a bit sleep as far as Android apps go.