Active Directory Search Tool

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Bryan Headrick is an accomplished Wordpress and WooCommerce plugin developer and is skilled in responsive design, jQuery, SEO, and Conversion Optimization.

This is one of my projects that went more smoothly. It was originally based on a demo found on CodeProject, and I later rewrote it in C#.NET and added more features. This is the latest incarnation of it.

You can search for computers or contacts (or both) by name and/or location (if you have the proper naming convention for object descriptions). The second textbox displays the LDAP query, which is generated dynamically as the you type the search string in the first box. Below, there are a few settings:

  • Max objects per page
  • Per page time limit
  • Max objects to fetch
  • Total time limit
  • Sort Results
  • Cache results
  • Ping Timeout

All these settings can be saved by clicking the blue Save button above.

There are also context menus for computer and contact objects. First, there’s a “copy list” for the top-level nodes.

Next, there’s a context menu for computer objects:

  • Ping – pings the computer in question and appends “(online)” or “(offline)” to the displayed description
  • Connect via Dameware – pings computer and if online, opens dameware set to connect to the computer
  • Same with
  • Copy Service Tag / Express Service Tag – pings computer and if online, queries computer for service tag and calculates express service tag (Dell only)
  • Check Dell Website – obtains service tag and opens IE, navigating to the Dell Support site displaying info on the selected computer
  • Computer Management – opens computer management console for selected computer
  • Edit Description in Active Directory
  • Navigate to c:\ – navigates to \\<computername>\c$

For Contact objects:

  • Send E-Mail – opens Outlook and sends email to email address of the selected contact
  • Copy Cell# – place the number listed as mobile phone# in clipboard
  • Copy Office# – same as above
  • Copy Username
  • Edit Description – Edit’s Contact’s description in Active Directory